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A plethora of links to my online presence

A Map of Engagement for my content on UOSM2008 course blog alone

Map of Engagement

Compare your current online activities with how you used these channels before the module began

UOSM2008 has introduced me to numerous online tools that I had previously been unaware of such as Scoop.IT!, Slideshare and About.Me. I have since formed my own profile on About.Me as it is a particularly useful landing site, enabling me to host all relevant links to online content. It acts almost as a signpost for potential employers, guiding them to various online examples of your work and/or professional profile. Prior to the start of the module I was making use of both Twitter and LinkedIn, however, I would say that the module has strengthened my approach to the latter. In Topic 3, I carried out a focused case study on my LinkedIn Profile, (see blog post here) in an attempt to develop and improve my online professional profile. This was extremely useful, and in line with my research on the topic I have since made further changes to the way in which I engage with others using the LinkedIn platform. I now regularly contribute to groups, joining in discussions, share relevant content and always make sure to personalise messages when connecting with others.

Additionally, I will continue to strive to become a ‘hyperconnector’ (see Topic 2 post and Dr Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic’s ‘Future of You‘) using Twitter as a platform to share relevant content to other professionals working in the TV & Film industry. Only recently I was complimented for doing so, having shared a newly developed scheme by the British Film Institute (BFI):

BFI Tweets


I appreciated this comment all the more for having taken UOSM2008, because of the emphasis placed upon the importance of sharing relevant content.

Reflects upon what you have learned during the module about living and working online and how you will take this forward into the future.

To focus specifically on what I have learned during the module and how I will take this forward into the future, would be to admit that UOSM2008 has pushed me to consider the Internet and our online engagement in a more nuanced manner. Prior to the module, I would say I took the internet and all it provides for granted and the accessibility with which I enjoy – a device in the palm of my hand with the ability to connect. Moreover,the module has encouraged me to look at the greater ethical questions and financial implications that have emerged owing to the Internet. Rather than simply consuming the Internet, devouring all and any content that was readily accessible or in my pathway, in the future, I hope to be more analytical, approach living and working online in an informed and constructively critical manner.

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