UOSM2008 Summarising Topic 3

Topic 3 focused on building your online professional profile and the importance of ‘authenticity’ – I chose to focus on the continual process of maintaining, updating and enhancing one of many online networks: your LinkedIn Profile. Please find and read my blog post here.

Firstly, I would like to focus on and reveal the results of the improvements I made to my LinkedIn profile (if any results were noted!)

  • 6 new connections.
  • Changing profile image for a more professional black and white photograph received positive feedback.
  • When sending invitations to connect – I have chosen to personalise the ‘default text’
  • Received a further recommendation on LinkedIn from my Managing Director as it struck me that my preexisting references were from individuals I worked with in a team or managed, thus felt my profile would be strengthened by receiving a recommendation from my employer specifically.
  • Further endorsements for skills: Social Networking and Film Production
  • Shared articles and content related to VOD (Video on Demand) services which have received likes and been seen beyond my immediate connections.
  • Joined and contributed to the group ‘Film and Television Professionals’ – yet to see the benefits and results of doing so (time will tell)

Overall, the improvements that I carried out inline with this topic have resulted in an improved sense of connectivity and engagement with fellow likeminded professionals.

Secondly, all participants on the UOSM2008 module have been extremely active, engaged and vocal throughout the duration of this topic – especially on Twitter, so much so that I found I could not keep up with the discussions and relevant links being shared by all. I found myself discussing the potential of Facebook Graph Search with Joy Isaac and discussing the social networking platform of Snapchat with Kimberley Fenton. (see image)

fentontwitterThirdly, I enjoyed reading about the efforts employed by Kimberly Fenton to create the interactive innovative Google Maps CV, followed by an engaged discussion about the benefits of innovative CV’s and ‘thinking outside the box’ in order to set your application apart from other more mundane options. Moreover, our discussion revealed that authentic engagement was key to the success of innovative employment campaigns such as the Adam Pacitti Billboard example. Yee-Ping Pang focused on the importance of ‘engagement’ in her blog post also.

To conclude, ENGAGEMENT emerged as a key factor in enhancing your professional online presence – authentic interaction with likeminded professionals within your industry, sharing relevant content that others can respond, contribute to or share further – becoming a ‘hyperconnector’ is the desired goal.



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